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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

It takes about a thousand words to tell the story and give all the details about our new machine!  But having this video available to showcase the most important feature--germicidal UV--will really be helpful in demonstrating how we help our customers get Healthy Trailer Clean.


Other highlights that you will notice are the pre inspections, the spray nozzles and some of the testing procedures that Healthy Trailer LLC is implementing to best support our customer’s FSMA compliance food safety plans.  


With the entire clean and sanitize process fully automated, you can see why we can say we are making the right thing easy.


Carriers who want to give their produce customers the best clean possible find Healthy Trailer LLC a simple solution for their drivers, a quick and easy service.


Shippers and receivers who don’t want to worry about whether their transportation supplier took a shortcut in making sure the trailer is clean can rely on the Healthy Trailer Clean certificates and seals to know that a trailer has been serviced by Healthy Trailer LLC.


The only thing missing in our video is our customers’ comments.  It’s hard to squeeze everything important into one minute, and we thought that folks needed to see the process.  But the things people say when they are impressed! ‘Brilliant!’ and ‘You got something here!’ and ‘Finally, we get what we pay for!” and many more.  But be warned. It will be hard to settle for anything less than a Healthy Trailer Clean once your experience our service!

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