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Healthy Trailer LLC is in the News!

Food Logistics magazine, known and recognized for its extensive and thorough coverage of food transportation, gave us a spot in their most recent Jan/Feb magazine.


Here’s the link, check it out on page 14!  


Mention this article when you schedule your company’s first Healthy Trailer Clean Service and we will give you a $10 discount on your service through the end of March 2018.  This means that your trailer can be washed and sanitized for $30. You will also receive a seal and Healthy Trailer certificate to include in your food safety transportation plans.  You have one of those...right??


“Be proactive” is one of the most often repeated recommendations by food safety and transportation experts when asked about the best way to become compliant with the FDA’s Sanitary Transportation Rule.  Using the newest ‘best practice’ when you need to get your trailer clean will help you show that your company is serious about compliance.


Healthy Trailer LLC is honored to have this new service mentioned in Food Logistics, a magazine that is a ‘go to’ resource when people need to make critical decisions about their transportation activities.

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