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This project started with FSMA’s Sanitary Transportation Rule.   We knew we needed a ‘clean and sanitary’ trailer to move our fresh produce loads, but no one really could tell us what that actually meant.


We could see that the industry needed a solution that was fast, effective, and not dependent on people hand-cleaning trailers.  From the very beginning, we have stayed on mission--being a valuable industry resource for people dedicated to bringing their best compliance efforts to ensure their fresh produce is riding in clean and sanitary trailers.


Innovating our system has been an exciting process as we have studied the unique environment found in 53’ refrigerated trailers.  Our patent-pending process will give industry members who choose Healthy Trailer LLC a new level of assurance that they have used the best practice available.


Gen 3 is in development now as we continue learning, testing and improving what has already proven to be an industry game-changer!  

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