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To prepare for your Healthy Trailer Clean service:


1) Call/Text your ETA.  This will help you stay on your loading schedule;

2) Provide your name, cell number, carrier name, trailer number;

**Please leave a voicemail or call back if HT does not answer your call.**

3) Park in Cool Fresh LLC parking lot until Healthy Trailer LLC call you in


When the Healthy Trailer LLC Tech call you to the deck, please


1) Tandems back;

2) Doors Open;

3) Air bags full;

4) Follow the tech’s instructions to park at the cleaning deck.


Things to know about the service:


Cost: $50 -- You get a complete trailer sanitation: Clean, UV sanitization, certificate, seal.


Payment options:  Comcheck, T Check, MC/Visa.  Interested in an account? Ask for a credit application


PreClean- Healthy Trailer techs will complete a pre clean inspection which includes basic debris pick up.  Extra charges may apply if additional cleaning is necessary.


Please remove pallets before your service.  You will need to remove load locks and place them in the holding area next to your trailer.


Post Clean Service Completion:


Pull forward and meet the tech at the rear of your trailer for the following:


1) Post Clean inspection with you to complete certificate

2) Pay the technician

3) Technician will seal your trailer;

4) Make sure you place your certificate with your food safety documents.  This shows you have complied with the FDA’s Sanitary Transportation Rule!  


Comments and/or questions always welcome!


Thank you, come again!

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