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Standard clean and disinfection process

Trailer inspection

Preclean (packaging, pallet and product removal)

Surface wash cycle

UVC disinfection cycle

Numbered door seal

Healthy Trailer certificate of work performed

Healthy Trailer Standard Service Includes:
2024 Extra Charges:

Precleans requiring 15 minutes of labor or more

Dump Fees (Product that HT must take to the dump for the driver)

Pallet Disposal

Sod Trailers:  $65

Potato (or similar labor required to remove product)

$15 per 15 minute intervals

Pay Options:

  • Cash, credit card, T check, Comcheck and EFS accepted.

  • PO Account Customers: 

We encourage you to take advantage of our account option.  Please ask for an application.  This is a service we offer carriers who have 5 or more trailers needing sanitation services per week. 

‘Regular’ customers are very important to us.  We have a Loyalty program that rewards our drivers with a free clean after 5 visits.


Our PO customers will receive a 20% discount for 10 or more trailer services per week.

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