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What is the price for a Healthy Trailer Service?

$40 per service, which includes:


  • Pre clean

  • Wash and dry cycles 

  • UV sanitization process 

  • Clean certificate and numbered seal


**Extra dirty?  Extra charges may apply.  Typical Pre clean is the removal of   pallet/packaging debris. We will let the driver know prior to the service if it will take more time to clean and whether charges will apply.

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How long does a Healthy Trailer service take?

  • The actual process (water, dry and UV cycles) is about 15 minutes

  • Pre clean-Usually 5 minutes (quick pick up/sweep)

  • Seal and Go-5 to 10 minutes-Technician seals the trailer, collects payment and completes the certificate noting any condition issues and confirms the service details.

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Why is Healthy Trailer NOT a washout?

1) Our ‘science-based’ process means we have collected data (ATP and TPC) to understand contamination risks in trailers.  This helps us clean your trailers in the best way possible.


2) Our system is automated.  Washouts are typically a ‘clean what you see’ process which results in either spreading the contamination and leaving it in the trailer.  


3) Please read #FirstInFSMAClean to get all the details on how Healthy Trailer LLC is different from a washout from a food safety perspective.  


But the simple and short answer is that we applied food safety principles in our service

This means that we:


Use science to guide our decisions in how best to clean your trailer.

Test to validate and verify our service to keep our process safe and effective.

Document our service (certificate and seal) so that you (customer) have a ‘clean’ record for your trailer.

Train our sanitation technicians to observe, understand and apply food safety risks.

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What is a Healthy Trailer Clean certificate?

Documentation is a valuable and necessary tool in showing your FSMA compliance.


Washout services sometimes give a driver a receipt.  But what does that prove?  

It doesn’t tell the customer anything about the service. 


Your Healthy Trailer Clean certificate will document the service, including the UV exposure time, and our seal number which will give you the additional benefit of traceability in the event you need to prove a specific trailer was properly cleaned.

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