Our machine is tailor-made and purpose built for cleaning trailers.

Onboard, several processes ensure a thorough clean. High pressure water, ultraviolet light, and directional blades of air are all combined in one apparatus for maximum efficiency. All of these systems are self-contained to provide a quick, automated machine.

  • Medical grade UV light bars

  • Several banks of high pressure water nozzles

  • Chemical-free filtered water

  • Directional air dry to prevent residual water


Compared to traditional methods, an automated system provides a much faster, more consistent cleaning process.

The cleaning is fairly quick, taking only about 10 minutes. Crews wear special gear

to ensure the trailer is left sanitary, and every step of the process is geared towards a reliable, complete clean.

  • Designed & engineered specifically for trailers

  • Every surface cleaned

  • Periodic assessment to ensure consistency

  • Proven results

  • Saves money and time

  • No guesswork

  • Certificate of cleanliness

  • Tested and proven by an independent third party

  • Repeatable results


   The results speak for themselves. No other process can offer a reliable and consistent clean that's backed by third party testing. Our results offer not only science - backed proof, but the peace of mind that your trailer is truly clean.

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