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Healthy Trailer LLC is Issued a Patent!

It took over four years to reach this milestone, but it is official, Healthy Trailer LLC has been issued a US patent for its trailer sanitation invention. As anyone who has applied for a patent knows, it’s quite a lengthy process that is full of twists and turns with no guarantees that the work will result in a US patent.

Our journey began when we took the time to do some research on trailer sanitation best practices after the FDA published the Safe Transportation Rule that requires shippers, carriers, loaders and receivers to use only clean and sanitary equipment to transport food.

The ‘best practices’ term refers to cleaning methods that companies have used for years to get a trailer ready for a food load. But were these practices the best solution for companies that needed to know that trailers were adequately clean and safe for their food products?

After observing workers hosing out trailers at washout facilities in various locations throughout California, we began to wonder if a routine washout with inconsistent application of a sanitizer effectively cleaned and sanitized the trailer surfaces. Also noted, because washouts were completed by workers, their tendency was to ‘clean what they see.’ Anything that was invisible to the human eye (bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms) would remain in the trailer.

Before we made a decision to move forward in building a better system, we collected ATP samples from trailers before and after washouts to confirm our hunch that washouts were not a ‘best practice’. We learned that in some cases the pressure washer method actually transferred rather than removed food soil to other trailer surfaces.

At this point, our founders agreed, “This won’t work.”

The rest is history, or at least for now. Healthy Trailer LL is the new ‘best practice’ that is safe, effective, and time efficient. Drivers are happy and customers are confident that the trailers are helping them keep their food products safer during transportation.

Always with an eye to the future and our ears listening to customers, no doubt Healthy Trailer’s innovative spirit and relentless commitment to apply science based practices and proven food safety protocols will lead us to more exciting opportunities.

A special thank you in appreciation to our patent attorney Babak Kusha and his team at Kilpatrick Townsend and Stockton LLP for his hard work to get our system patented. He continues to work on our applications in Spain, Chile and Mexico.

We’ll send you a check by the 15th of the following month.

This program will start on May 1st. Please call with any questions and/or comments.

Thank you for your business, We appreciate it!

Ken Lugg (831)596-3805

Pam Young (831-262-9825

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