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Pet Industry

The American Pet Products Association reported in its latest “COVID-19 Pulse Study” that 11.38 million U.S. households have gotten a new pet during the pandemic. Furthermore, the human-animal bond remains strong, with 3 out of 4 pet owners saying that spending time with a dog, cat or another animal species helps reduce their stress and increases their sense of well-being during COVID-19. 

Not sure if clean and sanitary pet transportation is important? Consider this statistic from the report: 

‘72% said their pet’s ​diet​ is “very important to them” and that they “do not plan to make any changes to it regardless of their financial situation.”’ 

Pharma and FSMA

One of the biggest details you need to consider when shipping pharmaceuticals is complying with the necessary regulations. Given the crucial nature of these goods, restrictions need to be taken seriously. The rules in place begin at the manufacturing plant and extend all the way through the supply chain to the store shelves.


- 2/3/20 USA Truckload Shipping 


Healthy Trailer’s specialized clean and UV disinfection system is designed to simplify the sanitation of critical trailer cargo areas. Each clean includes a ‘Certificate of Clean to meet your documentation requirements. 


Cannabis Industry 

 “...​the truth is the (cannabis) market has already set consumer-driven standards and is becoming more and more competitive. The edibles innovators at the forefront will tell you that, similar to gourmet food and beverage markets, the driving forces to appeal to consumers in this industry are product quality, purity, and customization.” 

The extensive work that is involved in creating, developing and ultimately getting cannabis products to the consumer can be brought to ruin without ensuring FSMA compliant safe and sanitary transportation. Washouts and marginal automated washing machines are inadequate to fully protect valuable cannabis edibles and other consumer desired goods. 

Choose Clean. Disinfected. Documented for your cannabis cargo.


Fresh Produce

Farm to fork, dirt to door, seed to store, whatever label we choose to describe the path fresh fruits and vegetables travel through the supply chain, the point is to ensure that at every point along its journey, keeping it safe for the end consumer should be a top priority. 

While people in general have implemented healthier lifestyle habits during the pandemic, the increase in organic produce sales show that consumers are counting on their food being safe. 

And speaking of ‘organic’, Healthy Trailer uses the term ‘disinfect’ because the UV application is a chemical-free method of sanitizing trailer surfaces.  


Safe & Sanitary Transportation

Regulations, protocols, and procedures are often seen as things we must do to keep our operations and products safe. But at the heart of all these things we do are the people who benefit from our diligence and focus on safety. Each load, in numerous industries, that is shipped and received across the country, has numerous stakeholders who rely on safe and sanitary transportation. But ultimately, the end consumer’s health and safety are at stake. 

You’ve made promises to your customers that Healthy Trailer LLC can help you keep. Whatever your mission is, our mission is to make sure it’s Clean. Disinfected, Documented.

FSMA Compliance Cleaning