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Food safety during transportation should never be compromised just because of price. By offering discounts, rebates, and loyalty programs, we can help ensure the safety of food in trailers and help your bottom line! Price is a big consideration when it comes to trailer cleaning and sanitation - and we get it. That's why we've rolled out a number of price-reducing incentives to ease the costs of this critical food safety protocol.


The charge for a standard Healthy Trailer service is $50. However, we’ve had fleets using our discounts, loyalty card programs, and rebates reduce their monthly charges to $33 per clean! Participating in these cost-saving programs reduces the price based on volume. With the availability of our three discount categories, most drivers usually qualify for a $45 service (or less).

Please feel free to call us with questions or send us an email!


Enjoy a 10% driver discount if you're:

  • 55 Years Old

  • A Military Vet

  • Traveling With Their Pets

Driver Discount
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Companies that have chosen Healthy Trailer as an ‘approved washout vendor’ can qualify for rebates starting at 10% (20 to 29 per month.) As the number of services increases, so does the rebate amount. Your company is not required to be a PO customer. ANY trucking company can receive a Healthy Trailer rebate check! We automatically track this on our end. Call us with any questions at (833) 488-6420.



We started our loyalty card program because we wanted to reward our ‘regular’ drivers with reduced service prices when they made Healthy Trailer their regular washout provider.


Thinking it would be a more beneficial program for owner-operator customers, we found out we were wrong. Even fleet drivers who do not pay for their washouts proudly pull out their loyalty cards to get service stamps. There is something fun about producing a completed loyalty card for a free washout service! We’ve had drivers arrive with tattered and torn cards that they’ve kept in their truck for months, knowing that someday their loyalty card will get them their free clean. 

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Loyalty Cards
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