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Rebate Program

Rebate Program

April 5, 2023

After several years now of offering discounts for 10 trailers or more per week, we’ve decided to implement a rebate program that is based on a monthly volume rather than weekly.

The fresh produce business has always been affected, positively and negatively, by all sorts of factors. All of you have been navigating through pandemic and post-pandemic conditions, last year Taylor Farms Foodservice had a devastating fire, and now recently, California darn near washed away (and we think some people wouldn’t be super sad about that!) Economic conditions are now infusing the business with uncertainty and instability.

But week in and week out, here come our ‘regulars.’ Drivers, who you have reminded or instructed to come by our site, are often known on a first-name basis. In fact, if we haven’t seen someone, we start to worry about them.

As you know, these drivers get loyalty cards so that after every 5th service we will give the 6th free. But because you as managers and dispatchers are the source of this business, our rebate program is intended to benefit your company. We understand that the fresh produce industry responds to market, environmental and other conditions, and sometimes it’s a challenge to get 10 trailers per week through our Healthy Trailer site.

So using a monthly total rather than weekly should work out better for our customers

We’ll send you a check by the 15th of the following month.

This program will start on May 1st. Please call with any questions and/or comments.

Thank you for your business, We appreciate it!

Ken Lugg (831)596-3805

Pam Young (831-262-9825

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