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Holiday Hours For July 4th

The 4th of July is one of the three summer holidays that Healthy Trailer opens for only four hours, typically 8 AM to 12 PM. It may seem too early to start talking about our holiday schedule, but we want to make sure you all know our plans.

First, we notify our PO and regular customers at their home office about our shortened hours. Many of your drivers typically have delivery routines that include a Healthy Trailer service after lunch. If they are aware of our holiday hours, they can make alternative arrangements to get their trailer cleaned or try to get to our site before we close.

Second, we try to remind drivers about our short schedule during the week or two before the holiday. This doesn’t always help because we don’t see some of them every week. Starting with this July 4th holiday, we will include information in our social posts.

As always, please encourage your drivers to call with an ETA as early as possible so that we can prepare for a later arrival. We like to give our team the chance to spend time with their family and friends during holidays, so getting them on their way to celebrations on time is important.

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