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Pioneering Towards Cleaner, Safer Food Transportation

Undeniably a top concern for consumers over the past few months is that the food they eat is clean and safe. More than ever they are expecting companies to make the right food safety decisions as food moves through the supply chain.

All through the transportation segment of the supply chain, food can be exposed to microbiological, physical, chemical and allergen risks that can make food unsafe. Proactively preventing these risks from contaminating food during transportation is best achieved with proper trailer sanitation.

Being the first in providing a reliable, effective method of cleaning and disinfecting food transport trailers, Healthy Trailer LLC has partnered with Heinzen Manufacturing to provide a technology driven system that is focused on incorporating automation, technology, applied food safety and sanitation science, and data collection to offer complete trailer sanitation to the food and transportation industries.

Healthy Trailer LLC, recognizing that there is an emerging group of food safety champions who will not accept unsanitary conditions for their food products throughout the food supply chain, selected Heinzen Manufacturing to develop and build its Next Generation machines. As the leader in sanitary design of fresh cut produce equipment, Heinzen’s expertise in further developing Healthy Trailer’s process will help the food industry keep trailers in optimal sanitary condition.

Now in operation and serving the food and transportation industries in our site located in Gonzales, CA.

Take a look at the Heinzen Healthy Trailer System.

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This program will start on May 1st. Please call with any questions and/or comments.

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