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Scientific Testing Confirms Microbiological Reduction in Refrigerated Trailers

October 29, 2019

Trailer Sanitation in the Supply Chain

Scientific Testing Confirms Microbiological Reduction in Refrigerated Trailers

Salinas, CA - Working with Lighthouse Food Quality and Safety, LLC, Healthy Trailer LLC has concluded the first phase of a 3rd party verification of it’s patent-pending trailer cleaning process.

Trailer sanitation in the food transport industry is increasingly becoming a topic of food safety conversations as fresh produce suppliers and receivers begin to take a serious look at the supply chain, not only because it is law (FSMA’s Sanitary Transportation Rule) but also because consumers have expectations that their fresh produce is traveling in clean trailers.

The purpose of this microbial evaluation in trailer sanitation was two-fold. The first objective was to establish the levels of microbial population and secondly, to demonstrate that the Healthy Trailer process did effectively reduce the microbial load.

The results clearly revealed that both field trailers (equipment used to transport fresh field product from farm to processing plant) and OTR’s (long haul trailers loading fresh produce for deliveries to food service, retail and wholesale businesses) do contain varying levels of microbial population.

Further, after collecting test samples from each of these trailers before and after the cleaning process, the data demonstrates that the Healthy Trailer LLC process does reduce microbial levels. This patent-pending process combines multiple spray bars, forced air drying, and germicidal UV lamps.

Healthy Trailer has been a pioneer in applying accepted and approved food safety standards and procedures.

Now this critical piece of FSMA compliance adds to peace of mind for those who need to know that their fresh produce is transported in a clean trailer.


Healthy Trailer LLC is the first to develop a science-based, FSMA compliant trailer washout and sanitization process. Utilizing proven technology, standardized processes, and a robust tracking/certifying system, customers are assured that trailers are clean, sanitary and compliant.

Pam Young

Healthy Trailer LLC


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