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       Ultraviolet light is the next step in sanitation technology. Hospitals, restaurants, anywhere sanitation matters, these establishments all use ultraviolet (UV) light to sanitize what they can't see. Food transportation is no different. Healthy Trailer is the first service of its kind, and RAISES THE BAR for what qualifies as a clean trailer. Our service combines highly pressurized water and UV light to thoroughly clean and disinfect transport trailers better than any service on the market. 

Healthy Trailer is not another trailer washout service. We are the future of clean food transportation.

Don't put CLEAN food in a DIRTY trailer!

Traditional washouts do not clean your trailer.

While pressurized water or a dry sweep may remove most visible contaminants, these methods are ineffective at removing the innumerable amount of bacteria and other harmful microbes that remain.

Cross contamination is a very real possibility.

Transporting clean food in a dirty trailer jeopardizes your investment and puts clients in danger - a dirty trailer leaves people, time, and money at risk!

Don't risk your clients and your business!

Don't settle for anything less than a clean, healthy trailer. Traditional methods won't cut it any longer - we can give your trailer the sanitation that your clients and your investment deserves.

What can we offer?

Thorough, full - coverage sanitation of your trailer

No harsh, trailer - damaging chemical residue

Fast and efficient clean, in 10 minutes

FMSA mandated certificate of cleanliness

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