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The Best Bang For Your Buck

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Did you know that most trailers, when they come to us for cleaning, test dirtier than a bathroom? Yes, you read that right - dirtier than bathrooms! Your customer's food is sitting in that unsanitary trailer for hours on end during transportation. While most food companies take measures to address sanitation in their production and storage environments, historically, much less attention has been given to the equally important transportation environment. The Sanitary Transport Rule, which is part of FSMA, is now law, and it requires compliance. Further, food companies and their executives can now be held legally accountable for food safety incidents.


Now more than ever, it matters who you get to do your trailer cleaning. Here at Healthy Trailer, we were the first to introduce a science-based, FSMA-compliant trailer sanitation service. We utilize proven technology, standardized processes, and a robust track/certifying system to ensure your trailers are clean, sanitary, and compliant. Want to learn more? Give us a call at (833) 488-6420.

Following new laws, guidelines, and best practices contrary to popular belief isn't widely done in the trailer cleaning industry. At Healthy Trailer Inc., we do things differently. We're looking out for you and following the latest updates to ensure you are always FSMA compliant after a visit to our cleaners. 

Traditional ‘best practices’ rely on a ‘clean what you see and smell’ test.  Broom, blow, or hose out obvious problems like blood and dirt. These old, ineffective methods contribute to cross-contamination and leave dangerous and invisible threats of pathogen contamination. We don't do that here! Our team embraces the latest in science and technology proven to take cleaning your trailer to the next level. 


Did you know that you don't need an appointment to get your truck cleaned and sanitized? All you have to do is give us a call at (833) 488-6420 and share your ETA with us so we can make sure that we're ready for you.

We always recommend calling us ahead of time with an ETA when...

  • You're on your way to one of our stations. 

  • You have a tight loading time that you're trying to make. (We want to make sure you make it!)

  • Or if you plan on arriving after hours.


Whether you're on the road driving or are the one behind the scenes coordinating and managing drivers, we all know that this industry is demanding. There are pressing timelines, road conditions out of your control, and the ever-increasing importance of food safety and the role transportation plays. Luckily, you don't have to go it alone! You can connect with our online community of drivers and trucking companies on our social media platforms and then hear first-hand tips and strategies for staying on top in this rapidly evolving industry in our newsletter

No spam, and no fluff just the latest insight, news and strategies to help you thrive in this busy industry!


Healthy Trailer LLC offers a  science-based, FSMA-compliant trailer sanitation service that uses:

  • Proven Technology: UV Disinfectant & Leading Equipment In The Field  

  • A Professional Sanitizing Process: A Variety Of Wash Cycles, Air Cycles, And Germicidal UV Lamps

  • Standardized Processes: Creating Consistent Results

  • Trained Technicians: Provide Affordable & Efficient Compliance With FSMA Sanitary Transport Rule

  • A Tracking/Certifying System: Ensuring Clean & Sanitary Trailers

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